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Does your baby drool excessively at waking hours? Does your baby try to grab and chew anything they can get their hands on and become irritable and cries a lot at bedtime? If so, then your baby may be experiencing teething.

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Teething can be an extremely terrible time for babies since it can cause a lot of discomfort and some pain. Most new parents are unaware of this kind of situation. They do not know that the very first teeth that emerge are the most painful for the baby.

When this situation is neglected, your baby may have a restless sleep at night. Also, your baby may have to bear the pain that he has to experience in the process of cutting teeth is you don’t recognize the symptoms and intervene. As parents, it is important for you to ease the pain away and to help your baby pass through the teething experience successfully as possible.

What happens to babies when they are teething?

They try to put any object they see into their mouth. They chew or bite the object. Chewing or biting is a good thing since any added pressure helps the gum tissue to break down – helping the teeth to slide through it. It seems to be an instinct that the baby has to help the teeth come to the surface quicker and end the nagging process and pain of growing teeth.

Watch this video of baby teething symptoms and relief.

How can you manage teething?

Your baby cannot tell you directly whether he is in pain or not. With that, you should intervene and manage the pain he feel whenever he is teething. Before resorting to any prescribed regimens, you should first try to manage teething through natural remedies.

There are various natural remedies you can use. Here are couple of suggestions of natural remedies to help with your baby’s teething:

  1. Ice. Purchase a teething ring from your local department store. Put it in the freezer and let the liquid inside the ring freeze. Let your baby suck on it and chew on it. Applying cold to your baby’s gums help in decreasing the inflammation and pain.
  1. Teething biscuits. Unsweetened biscuits help your baby to ease the pain by chewing on them.

Helping your baby during the teething process is essential. And, natural remedies are helpful in the relief of pain and reduction of inflammation.

Visit your local health food store and look for homeopathic teething remedies for babies. They work like a charm. They are natural and are much better for your baby’s overall health.




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