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The prostate can be a pretty sensitive topic of discussion for men such as breasts are for some women, but some things need to be talked about in order to expand one’s knowledge  and awareness of how to keep healthy, and hopefully, save lives.

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What is the prostate?

The prostate is part of the male sex organ. It is about the same size as a walnut, a small gland positioned around a tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis, called the urethra. During puberty the prostate grows in size and then stops, until the individual reaches around 40 years of age when the prostate starts growing again.

The most common types of prostate diseases are prostatitis, prostate cancer, and enlarged prostate, and it is possible for a single individual to have more than one.

Ways to keep the prostate healthy

Prostate-related illness is one of the leading causes of male deaths around the world, so as men, you should always be on the lookout for ways to keep your prostate healthy and prevent the onset of prostate diseases.

For example, according to a major study in Harvard University, men who consume red meat on a daily basis are 250% more likely attract prostate cancer than those who restrict themselves to about once a week. That number is pretty significant, is it not? It should send a clear message that men’s diet should consist mainly of healthy fruits and vegetables, organic poultry, wild Alaskan sea foods, and range fed meat.

Recently it has also been proven that vitamin D helps a lot in fighting prostate cancer. Fresh tomatoes, and all things rich in lycopene, are good foods to have on the dinner table.

And the same can be said about fermented, organic soy products. Did you know that the fatality rate of prostate cancer is significantly lower for Japanese than American men, even though they are just as likely to contract the disease? The Japanese enjoys many fermented, organic soy products such as miso, tofu and soy milk.

 Watch this video about 12 tips for optimal prostate health courtesy of youtube.

Staying Healthy

One man is as prone to prostate diseases as much as the next guy, unless he stays healthy by keeping a healthy diet of vegetables and lycopene-rich foods. Prostate cancer can be fatal. But as the Japanese have demonstrated, contracting it does not mean the end of the world. The trick is to lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Expand your knowledge about prostate diseases. Don’t shy away from talking about it. It may be a life saving grace for you one day.

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